The words Architectural Finish in a Spec has led to misunderstandings between Steel Fabricators, Contractors, and especially Galvanizers for years. The parties involved communicating as a TEAM have led to very successful projects and most in the Architectural Community have now added these “pre-build” conferences to include the Galvanizer and any coatings applications prior to steel fabrication.

We treat each customer like they are looking at us as a Partner; not another vendor they HAVE to deal with, but someone they WANT to deal with. When a question arises about the finished product, one of our team of experts will always be available to go to the project (most of the time within 24 hours) to help solve the potential problems before they become costly or cause the customer to have reason to doubt our (or your) abilities. When the “steel erector” finds they need to cut or repair a damaged product at the job site we offer and insist to allow us to be there to make sure the appropriate ASTM-780 “touch-up” is performed. We do the service at no additional cost to the customer. This is just another of those Value-Added Services you receive when V&S has been the Corrosion Professional of choice on a project.