We know that there is more than just “Dip and Ship” and sometimes ASTM-123 is just not going to be enough to meet the expectations. Not all projects go to nationally-recognized structures; most go to local area location, like Public Schools and Colleges, Farms, Utilities, private residences, or just the handrail outside the local coffee shop. Every product receives the same quality care, and careful consideration regardless of the job’s prominence to the public.

Experience has taught us this is what our customers wanted, and what they now know they can expect from V&S. When there are design problems we show up at the architect’s door or in the fab shop; not just over the phone telling the customer what they did wrong.

Experience has told us that our customers deserve more respect. After all, we do not weld and they cannot galvanize. Steel Fabricators need us sometimes at very critical times, and not to take advantage when they need us the most.