Galvanized Steel with Zinc + Color = COLORZINQ®

It is sometimes desirable to paint galvanized steel for reasons such as: color coding, safety markings, aesthetics or for added protection in particularly aggressive environments. In many instances, the resulting duplex system (zinc coating plus paint) has been found to have synergistic benefits.

No other material can compete with the performance and the cost savings of steel protected with V&S COLORZINQ® (Duplex System).

The COLORZINQ® Advantage:

  • Single-source responsibility - whenever two coats of a product are applied to steel the problem of incompatibility is always a concern. COLORZINQ® allows you to give that responsibility to the team at V&S.
  • COLORZINQ® is available in a wide range of colors with custom colors and "paint match" being our specialty.
  • Turnaround of the product is not a problem with all coordination being handled in one office.
  • V&S has over 30 years of experience top coating over Hot Dip Galvanizing.

Contact Us to find out why you cannot use just any paint over galvanized surfaces. We have available a CSI-compatible specification that has been written specifically to aid in the correct way to paint over Hot Dip Galvanized steel.