V&S offers the technology and the equipment to Hot Dip Galvanize Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, clip angles and all smaller material
where a spinning centrifuge operation is of the best choice.

Presently this service is only offered at our V&S Amboy location. Hot Dip Galvanized fasteners, anchor bolts and the like are the
preferred means of connecting material that has been galvanized. The corrosion protection is of the same everlasting preventative as the Steel Structures they are holding together. V&S offers high tech kettles designed just for this type of material, and variable speed centrifuge spinners for the different type of fasteners being used today.

All ASTM specifications of the A-153 certification are met and the most "usable" finished product in the industry is produced. Many of
the larger and smaller fastener manufacturers presently utilize the expertise and the quality the Company of V&S Galvanizing offers. Large or small, threaded or plain, industrial or utility are all standard products that can be, and have been Hot Dip Galvanized by the team of V&S.

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