MICROZINQ® - V&S answer to AESS, Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel.  When Sustainability is the driving reason behind wanting to

Hot Dip Galvanize your Structural Steel. Appearance is vital as the steel will be exposed to the public, and while corrosion protection is always important, it may not be the single most reason Galvanized steel was chosen for the project.  Maybe an indoor application?     A warehouse, that was within a few points from that “Platinum Status”.   Where Galvanized Steel will help you reach the well-deserved Certification for Sustainability of the Project. The Steel will be visible to the public, nice in an open air office setting, Hand Rail for public foot traffic.  The look and feel of “Galvanized Sheet Metal”, but still meets the ASTM standards, with more zinc than the G-60 or a G-90 Product.

More Zinc than Sheet Metal, but much more aesthetically pleasing than the distinctive trade presence of
galvanized structural steel.  The V&S answer to Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel. MICROZINQ®