COLORZINQ® for Maximum Protection

Single-source responsibility - whenever two to coats of a product are applied to steel the problem of incompatibility is always a concern. When paint for color coding, safety markings, aesthetics or added protection is required, V&S utilizes our COLORZINQ® duplex system that consists of a zinc coating plus paint.

COLORZINQ® allows the paint film to extend the life of the galvanized coating by providing an additional barrier protection for the zinc layer. The zinc corrosion layer actually delays coating damage typically caused by paint only applications by sealing pores and cracks in the paint film.

The COLORZINQ® Advantage

With over 30 years of experience top coating over hot dip galvanizing, V&S takes on the responsibility of ensuring compatibility for you for maximum performance and cost savings. COLORZINQ® is ASTM D6386 and ASTM D7803 compliant and is offered in a wide range of colors including custom matches to fit your needs.