At V&S we have always prided ourselves as quality galvanizers with above-average material handling skills. This all starts with Communication. This is why we started one of the first Architect/Owner seminar programs in the Galvanizing industry. V&S realized from the beginning that any break down of understanding or knowledge about an industry can cause catastrophic results on a project.

V&S has the “Sample First” program where we insist on making sure that what we provide is what the Owner/Architect expects on a project. We gladly offer this service as another one of the many Value-Added Services V&S offers that benefits all, saves time, and eventually helps prove the case that V&S Hot Dip Galvanizing is not just the best, but the most economical choice for corrosion protection for your structural steel today!

With our local service and global support, Voigt & Schweitzer is able to meet all of your Hot Dip Galvanizing needs. Contact us for more information about our full-service operations and to find out more about our Galvanizing Solutions.