Proper packaging and delivery will be handled from drop off to the galvanizer to the jobsite. AMPP/NACE Coating inspectors will ensure correct application and inspection of your material. A duplex system is formed by painting or powder coating over hot-dip galvanized steel. When used together, the corrosion protection of the two systems combined is far superior to either protection system used independently.

As a result, the substrate steel is afforded corrosion protection for 1.5 to 2.3 times the sum of the expected life of each system alone.

For example, if a galvanized coating alone on black steel would provide 50 years of maintenance-free protection and a paint coating would not require any maintenance for 10 years, the combination duplex system would provide maintenance-free protection for 90 to 138 years in the same environment.

Painting or powder coating hot-dip galvanized steel requires careful preparation and a good understanding of both systems. Many products have utilized a duplex system successfully for decades; automobiles and radio towers are two examples. When the galvanized surface is prepared correctly, paint and powder coating adhesion is excellent, and the duplex system will provide corrosion protection well into the future.

The Process

Powder coating over Hot-Dip Galvanizing:


Paint over Hot-Dip Galvanizing with Proper Preparation:


Any shape, size or weight, if we can galvanize it, we can paint it. We are a Certified SSPC QP3 Partner Paint Shop.