When V&S builds a Galvanizing Facility, a “customer first” strategy is always considered. We have built only “State-of-the-art-facilities” that comes from  years of building, maintaining, and operating Galvanizing Plants in Europe and North America. We take into consideration to be sure we have ample storage area for our customer's material.  Each plant has paved lots with room for your tractor-trailer to load, unload, or drop a trailer of steel, for Hot Dip Galvanizing.  The yards are paved--you will never have to worry about your job being stored or unloaded/loaded in mud, vegetation,  or non-professionally packed gravel. We treat your steel like we would our own. When seeing a V&S facility you will notice how we do treat and care for what is ours and how our teams of personnel take on the responsibility to maintain these facilities. We have truly some of the finest facilities in the Galvanizing Industry and this carries over to the attitude we have when caring for your steel projects.