Lite-Site Quick Deploy Cell Units

CDMI developed and patented the Lite-Site as a portable, standardized, self-contained wireless cell site. The Lite-Site has been used in various communication and non-communication applications where deployment is difficult and time sensitive. The product has been used in hundreds of locations throughout North America in situations from disaster recovery to special events. And when your event is over, you can move your Lite-Site on to the next location.

Needs can range from water tank maintenance to event coverage of weekend festivals, state fairs or raceways where there are no DAS systems. The Lite-Site has also been used for disaster recovery areas, and the company is excited to be part of projects such as the presidential inauguration, the East Coast Sturgis motorcycle rally, remote location build outs in Wyoming and more.

CDMI is known for high quality and quick delivery, and the Lite-Site is removable, reusable and re-deployable technology that gives customers options to stay with the times. Even if they need to decommission the site, it’s just as easy to take down as it was to put it up. The hot-dip galvanized coating allows CDMI to assemble, disassemble, install and uninstall each of the units. The durability of the coating will stand up to the abuse of this repeated process. The no maintenance, corrosion-free galvanized coating will continue to allow the company to maximize the use of each and every portable unit.

Additional Projects